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Campagne Dungeon Twister 
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Message Campagne Dungeon Twister
Bien le bonjour aventuriers du donjon de l'Archimage !

Je viens ici non pas vous faire d'une quelconque création mais plutôt d'une idée !
A mon humble avis, cette idée a déjà du se faire entendre voir même a déjà été appliquée.

Mais mettre en place un système de Campagne DT ?
Avec un scénario qui donne l'ambiance, des aventures qui se succèdent ayant toutes un lien, tout en jouant les règles de DT.
Et pourquoi pas ajouter alors quelques règles maison visant à donner naissance à un système de Campagne ?

L'idée me plait. Je ne vois pas du tout comment faire les choses, mais peut-être commencerais-je à y réfléchir. Juste par simple envie de se faire plaisir.
Mais je vois déjà une petite mise en place d'une histoire et d'aventures se succédant.
Peut-être cela peut se faire plus judicieusement avec le jeu en Solo de la V2 mais je n'y ai encore jamais joué et en plus, cela limiterait beaucoup en Personnage et Objet.

Je pensais à ça car vu le nombre d'extensions et donc de Salle, Personnages et Objets, ça pourrait être amusant de se faire un tel système.
A méditer...

23 Aoû 2010, 16:13

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Sorry, I'm answering in english becouse my level of french is low.

I haven't understood the hole text, but I think I have an idea about what you are talking about.

I've been thinking about some rules for DT Campaign, but not all of them. We can brainstorm here.

My ideas were:

- Each person represents one Archmage. Those Archmages have Dungeons all around the world, and they like to watch how creatures die inside them. So they organize battles inside their dungeons. The winner, gains control of the dungeon.

- There is a map. Each person has his master Dungeon. If he loses it, he loses the campaing. It's difficult to die inside your own Master Dungeon becouse you control it, so you choose the tiles and so on.

-You have to conquer different Dungeons around the map (neutral and controlled by other players), they give you gold.

- You can spend your gold buying characters and items, and deploying them all over the map.

- At the start of the campaign, each person choses his General and gives him a name. The General is any character with +1 Movement and +1 Strenght. There will be restrictions if some generals are too powerful (maybe Courtisan, and prestigious). For example, Player A choses the Thief as his general. Lockeye, the thief, is a 6/3 with all thief abilities. The general is not destroyed after he dies, and is worth 2 VPs.

As you can see, those are just theorical issues, we need to write the real rules and test them.

What do you think?

03 Sep 2010, 22:49

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The message was doubled, I don't know why, sorry.

03 Sep 2010, 22:49
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Have you try the scenario : Haman Naferth?
It's a dungeon twister with 2 levels, 2 groups of adventurers against a evil dungeon master, new objectives, 2 virgins sisters to save (or to sacrifice if you are the DM). It's not a real campaign, but can give you ideas and be incoporated in your future campaign.

If you made one, please shared ;)

14 Sep 2010, 23:23
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Actually players have already created a concept of campaign as a set of game with a rule between game.

Example of one I did last year : We split characters in two teams, on played one team, the other played the other. It means we had about 50 characters each one (with unofficial goodies) but we haven't any common character (I remembered he had most of dragons). Then we make a team and play. Each character dead of left hurt in the dungeon at the end of a game cannot play anymore. The winner of a game score points+2, the opponent scores points. It means you win 6-4, you score 10 and the opponent 4. We played until there was not enough character left in one team or if one reach 100 points. At the end I won more game than him, but he scores more points :)

This was a really fun example of what a campaign could be : a set of game with rules and continuation to choose character. We had the possibility to stole object (because we did the same sharing with objects). and so on.

What could be done quite differently :
For instance one player as 8 characters, the other one has a new one a little bit stronger like an archlich we can create zombie or something like that and a set or undead. The archlich protectect an artefact that the other characters must stole. And of course you use a bigger dungeon like 8x4 or something. This is generally called a scenario.

Then you could create a set of scenarios and linked them together in the same manner I explain and why not create experience, for instance when à character killed a number of oponnents he upgraded his level and can choose to gain, of course going out of a level he gain also a level.
1/ One fight point
2/ One deplacement point
3/ One power in a choice (Ex for a warrior : Samourai Power, Berserker Power, Troll killer power, Paladin power, Weapon master power, Ex for a wizzard : Can confuse whenever he wants, TK, Can write a parchemin every cycle, and so on)

This could be fun be must me prepared, and for a weird reason, has never be done or published before.

22 Sep 2010, 11:48
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I posted the campaign rules and scenarios designed by the ArchMage (Chris) and put them here. They are in English, but were originally in a French magazine:


22 Sep 2010, 15:58
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