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AcrobatAngel of Light Araknis Archer Elf
Assassin BackstabberBansheeBarbarian
Bat Beast Master Berserker Breeder
Cleric ColossusCourtesan Crossbowman
Dark AngelDruid Dwarf Troll Slayer Elf Scout
Enchantress Elf Fire Elemental General Ghost
Ghoul Goblin Gold Dragon Golem
Ice Dragon Ice Elemental Ice Witch Illusionist
Lightning Elemental Living Trap Logger Magophage
Mammoth Mekanork Mummy Naga
Necromancer PaladinPickpocketProphet
Red Dragon Samurai Shadow Spawnling
SpecterStone Elemental Telekineticist Telepath
ThiefTrollUndead Dragon Vampir
Wall-Walker Warrior Water Elemental Weapon Master
Werewolf Wizard YetiZombie


7 League Boots Amulet of Elvish Vision Armor Ball and Chain
BowCharm ScrollCrossbowDragon Slayer
Elemental ScrollFire ShieldFireball WandFlying Carpet
Holy CrossKatanaKeyLarge Shield
Orb of PeacePotion of LifePotion of Strength Ring of Chaos
Ring of LightRing of ParalysisRing of RepulsionRing of Weakness
RopeRunic War-HammerScroll of ConfusionScroll of Flight
Scroll of IceScroll of InversionScroll of Reconstruction Speed Potion
Steam SawSword Sylvan ShieldTeleportation Ring
Telescoping SpearTorchTreasureTwo Handed Sword
Two-Handed Axe


3D ObstacleAnti-Magic RoomArmoryArrow Slit
BramblesBrazierColumnCorridor Tile
DarknessDouble Pit TrapFallen TreeFalling Rocks
Floor Square (Normal Ground)Fountain of YouthGravity WellIce
Ice BridgeIce MirrorIce SlopeIllusion
Pentacle RoomPit TrapPit Trap TriggerPortcullis
Remote Pit TrapRiftRoomRotation Gear
RubbleSacred TombSecret PassageSmall Bridge
Snowy GroundStairsStarting LineStatue
Wall SconceWaterWeb


Marqueurs "vivants"ObjetActionBeast
CombatCommon objectsCursed objectsElf
FlyingFrozenGroup CombatJump
Line of SightMagicMagic UsersOne-on-One combat
PrestigiousRanged CombatRegenerationRevealing a room
Rotating (or twisting) a roomScrollsUndeadWounded


Amazon Anti-Magic RingArch-Mage TreasureArch-Mage Treasure Rooms
BeggarCursed Trunk DiscipleDolmen
Dwarf Elf SlayerElven Bow Father Christmas Forest Elf
Giant Grinders Jade Mask Lava Channels Lava Evacuator
Master of Time Minotaur Neutral Characters Ogre
Pipes Purple Dragon Reflecting PoolThe Elusive One
The Merciless One The One RingZephyr, the Cheater