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Master of Time

(3/1) (Final of the 2006 DTL)

Warning: The Master of Time, because of his abilities, forces players to play their best, as the players play with a stopwatch (explained in the Basic Rules, page 11 "Playing with a Timer").

* The Master of Time is a magic-user and can use scrolls.

* The Master of Time for 1 AP can "stop time". The actions that have not been used on the action card played this turn are saved and can be used on the next turn. Only the actions from the card can be stored. Actions from another source (Speed Potion, Charm Scroll, etc.) cannot be stored. It is possible at most to have 9 actions in one turn.

* The Master of Time cannot "stop time" during two consecutive turns. He cannot stop time during a turn in which saved actions are being used.

* The Master of Time can also "accelerate time" for 1 AP. The opponent of the player controlling the Master of Time then loses 30 seconds to play in his future turn. The same player cannot lose more than 60 seconds per turn.