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Become a member of the International Dungeon Twister League

How and Why ?


Hello again,

On 28th March 2009, the Board of Directors has voted unanimously the following House Regulation [soon translated in english] !

On 18th April 2009, the Treasurer and the President have opened a bank account at the Crédit Mutuel bank in Chartres.

It is now possible to become a member of the International Dungeon Twister League by joining. The annual fee is of 10 €.

If you have questions about the reasons of this financial contribution, here are the answers:

- The funds will finance the distribution of the goodies around the world in the future.
- The funds will finance the League's managing costs (bank account, website, etc.)
- The funds will finance the working expenses of the League (organisation of events, support to the referees, etc.)
- The funds will eventually finance the creation of our own goodies for the members of the League.
- The expenses of these funds will be controled annually by the general meeting.

What are the advantages of the members of the IDTL?

The Twister Advantages:
- Members will receive a number of Golden Targans (the virtual money you will use to get goodies in the future) equal to the participation in one tournament ;
- Members will contribute to the decisions about the implementation of future goodies ;
- Members will have full access to the IDTL forum, receive privileged information about the League and will be able to participate actively to the projects of the League ;
- Members will be able to propose and vote other advantages ;
- Members will be indentified on the League's website and on the League's forum with a Microbadge indicating that you contribute financially to the League.

The Dungeon Advantages:
- Members will vote the managing report of the League in the general meeting. The following general meeting will take place in januari or februari 2010 ;
- Members will vote on the topics submitted to the general meeting ;
- Members elect the members of the Board of Directors during the General Meeting ;
- Only members can become members of the Board and elect the Bureau ;
- Only members can become member of the Bureau ;
- Members decide of the amount of the annual contribution during the general meeting.

If you have any question about the League's Membership, don't hesitate to expres yourself in the forum.

The President