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The Disciple

The 2010 exclusive LIDT figurine!

You already know if you have read the news item "2010 Membership is open" (see here) .

It is time to reveal to everyone the finished figurine:


On Targan, many humanoids, monsters and man-beasts reign supreme. Among these, there is one species of humanoid that is specially revered: Guise Dancers. This species, often friendly with sorcerers, has no magical powers, but power over their bodies: they can metamorphosize into a man or woman, young or old. Of the Guise Dancers, one was a former disciple of the Archmage, and this character was a little masochistic. She was first intrigued and then attracted by the phenomenon of the Dungeon Twister and wished to participate. After politely presenting her case to the Archmage, the Archmage teleported her into the Dungeon Twister, even though this was against his will because and he did not want to lose his former Disciple.

Therefore, the Archmage monitors developments near his Disciple while she is in the maze. When she is in trouble and asks for assistance, the Archmage activates his descent into oblivion in an attempt to save her life.

When he intercedes, the whole room plunges down into the structure at breakneck speed on a powerful piston. Normally, this piston facilitates the descent and rotation in a vast underground cavern, and then returns the room to the labyrinth above. However, in this case, the room delves very deep, does not rotate, and does not rise again.

In a flash during the descent, the Archmage teleports the creatures and objects in the room back to their original environment. And when the room returns, he teleports all the same creatures and items back into the room as it ascends from the depths of the machinery . This is the story of the Disciple. If you know she is in a dungeon, beware of anyone, because no one has managed to identify her so far.


the powers of the Disciple


And if you are still hesitating to join the league, here is the news about the benefits of membership !